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Let your child explore the great outdoors this Summer with the My Living World kits!

27th July 2016

Let your child explore the great outdoors this Summer with the My Living World kits!

 Interplay’s award winning, My Living World collection of nature exploration kits for kids are perfect for big discoveries about the world around us.

The Illuminated Pocket Microscope is a complete science lab that can be held in the palm of your hand. Easy to use wherever you go - either indoors or out - it has everything required to examine all manner of specimens up close and personal. The unique design folds neatly flat and is small enough to fit into a young boy or girls pocket or ruck-sack - so it can always be near to hand when something requires closer inspection. The size however, does not reflect this handy tool’s power, as it packs a phenomenal x30 magnification, whilst the bright illumination lights up the specimens from behind and picks out the finer details. So, even the smallest samples can be seen clearly.

As with all the My Living World kits the Illuminated Pocket Microscope comes with many accessories to help children on their way to learning about nature and the plants and creatures in their own back gardens. This includes a detailed and beautifully illustrated activity booklet with experiment suggestions and tips on how to collect and mount samples, plus specimen jars and slides and even some pre-mounted samples to set them on their way.

A walk in the countryside or park will take on a new dimension as kids view through the 6x lens at a landmark in the distance. Or, he or she can watch a bird feeding its young in a tree from the comfort of the bedroom window, knowing that their presence won’t disturb the action. Once again the illustrated manual with its tips on bird watching and other activities will ensure that kids really get the most from this handy piece of equipment.