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Ant World


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Discover the fascinating life of ants in an ideal environment.  Watch the ants build tunnels, keep their home tidy and feed each other.  Study chemo-communication and ant Morse code.  The best entertainment for a young naturalist!  Ant World provides hours of fun as well as being educational. Children are encouraged to collect their own ants and told how to in the instruction manual.  An Interplay order form for ants will also be included in the retail box.

Please note: Ants are not included in the kit. Instructions are given on how to find them in the wild; alternatively order ants from us online. Please do not mix ants from different colonies as they will fight!

Just one of a range available from Interplay.

Recommended for ages 5 years and over.


  • Plastic Ant Housing
  • 2 x shades
  • Scene stickers
  • Connectable magnifier bowl
  • Clear tubing
  • Feeding pipette
  • Tunneling sand
  • Instruction Manual

WARNING message on the retail box: For children over 5 years of age only. We recommend adult supervision for young children. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts that may represent a choking hazard.

Creative Play Award 2013 - Winner of Outdoor Toys & Games ((4-7 years) Category

Featured in The Good Toy Guide 2013

Good Toy Guide 2008 - Gold Award Winner for the best Science and Nature Toy

If you would like to find out more about ants, the best sites we've found are Myrms' Ant Nest and Antark. These are packed full of interesting facts on every aspect of ants and ant keeping. All these websites have also a great forum where you can communicate with fellow ant lovers.

Education: Experiments included support the National Curriculum Science KS1 and KS2. Free Teachers Notes and Lesson Plans are available to download for this product.

Size of Ant World when built: 30cm x 7cm x 20cm

Where do I get ants from?

You can collect your own ants from your back garden, full details are given in the instructions. Alternatively you can order ants from us online or call our Customer Services line on 01628 488525.

How do I receive my ants from Interplay?

Ants are sent by Royal Mail 1st Class post. They are collected in a magnifying bowl and posted in a padded envelope which is small enough to fit through a letter box. Once received, all you need to do is attach the magnifying bowl to your Ant World with the tubing provided in the kit.

What species of ant work best in Ant World?

Black ants (Lasius niger) which are commonly found in gardens and parks throughout the British Isles are probably best suited to Ant World. They are harmless and don't sting, which makes them ideal for children.

How long do ants live in Ant World?

Ants can live in Ant World for up to a year, but you need to keep them fed and watered as per the instructions.

What do ants eat?

Ants like to eat sweet things like apples, bananas, jam or honey.

What happens if some ants die in Ant World?

Your ants should stay healthy in Ant World if you follow the instructions carefully. However ants will die from old age and natural causes. Worker ants will remove the dead ants as far from the nest as possible to keep it clean and tidy. If you have a magnifying bowl attached, they will probably put the ants in there. It is best to clean the box out occasionally.

Is Ant World cruel to ants?

No, it isn't. If you look after the ants they should live happily in Ant World. They are safe from predators and bad weather conditions. In fact, ants probably live longer in Ant World than they do in the wild. We also believe that encouraging people to discover the fascinating world of ants helps to promote environmental awareness and may make people think twice before needlessly destroying their nests.

Can ants escape from Ant World?

Ant World is made from break-resistant material and designed to be escape proof. However ants will escape if you leave the lid off, or if the frame is not properly assembled. Very small ants from the Lasius flavus (Yellow Meadow ant) species may be able to squeeze through the air holes in the top frame of Ant World. Should this happen cover the air holes with some sticky tape and then create smaller breather holes by piercing with a pin.

Can the ants in Ant World breed?

No, they can't. If you use only worker ants who cannot lay eggs, your ant colony will not increase in size.

Can queen ants be used in Ant World?

Yes, they can but we do not recommend that you use a queen ant until you have first gained experience of keeping worker ants. A queen is the only ant that can lay eggs, which means the colony would grow and take far more care and attention to maintain. Queen ants are also very hard to find except at certain times of the year. Please do not wreck an established colony of ants looking for a queen that you probably will not find. Remember, there are many interesting things to see in Ant World using only worker ants.

Ant World Teachers Notes

Ant World Teachers Notes

Click here to download

Ant World Nick Baker Instructions

Ant World Nick Baker Instructions

Click here to download

Spare parts for this product
  • 10/01/18: We have just finished sending several hundred ant orders placed over the Christmas break. Unfortunately ants will be out of stock for potentially a few weeks, but we will update this page as we know more. Please contact if you have any...

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  • Ant World sand - Extra sand for the Ant World. Add a handful of soil to your sand to make the perfect tunnelling material for your ants.

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  • Tubing is used for attaching the magnifier bowl to the Ant World. We supply the ants in a magnifier bowl therefore attach the tubing and the ants will run through the tubing into Ant World.

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  • For feeding your ants and for giving them water.

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  • The Magnifier bowl is a good way to watch your ants as there is a magnifier glass in the lid of the bowl. Interplaydirect also supply ants in a magnifier bowl.

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  • Ant World shade is designed to put on your Ant World so that your ants can tunnel in the dark. Contains 2 shades.

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  • Scene Stickers - gives your Ant World a nice scenery. Also available in green! Please note: Contains one sticker sheet

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